We haven't talked in awhile. How are you all? Above is the official cover for The Fierce Are Fading novel that just released on Amazon today! With the graphic novel out in the world, it was finally time for me to sit down and finish the original novel. I few it as the "director's cut" of the story. It has some added scenes, some changed scenes, a different ending, and just a fuller story all around. So if you enjoyed the graphic novel, I invite you to check out the book.

 If you did enjoy the graphic novel, I would ask a favor of you. If you could go on Amazon and write a review under The Fierce Are Fading: The Complete Graphic Novel then we can get some traction on the book. I've posted some critical reviews, but readers want to know what other readers, like yourself, have to say about it. I personally would really appreciate it.

Finally, If you're going to be at New York Comic Con this year (Oct. 6-9) then you should certainly stop by and say hi. I will be manning the Fierce Literature small press table at BOOTH 1160! I'd love to say hi. I'll have the both the novel and graphic novel for sale there as well.

 Hope all is well with you all!



What's up!? Just wanted to say Happy Monday to the world. I know a lot of our fans aren't in the States and therefore have no reason to celebrate the 4th of July, so Happy Fireworks day instead! Just a quick update. The books went out on Friday, so you all should be getting them shortly. International shipping takes approximately 10 business days (according to the postman), so be on the lookout.

Tons of News!!!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted you all to know that we received the proof of the graphic novel over the weekend, and it looks spectacular. Here's a fun inside bit of information. The files that I sent to the printers to fulfill the kickstarter backers were at 600dpi and a total of 11.5 gigs. Since we had to go with Amazon as a distributor, I had to condense those 11.5 gigs into a mere 400mb to meet Amazon's file limits. THAT'S THE LARGEST FILE SIZE THEY WILL EXCEPT TOTAL FOR ANY BOOK! Crazy!!! While we were able to meet this while preserving as much quality as possible, I'm telling you right now, the Kickstarter Edition from Gorham Printing is going to be the sharpest version available. IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. Gorham said it will take about ten days to complete and then they will ship it out. I will update all of you once I begin shipping them out individually. I SENT OUT AN EMAIL SURVEY asking for your addresses. So if you backed a tier that came with a book, be sure to respond to that survey. :)  Until then, check out what we've done since then!

There are a few different options for those who'd like to buy the books on Amazon.

Issues 1-3

1. Because Amazon's mandatory minimum pricing was SO HIGH for color picture books, I decided to offer smaller books to bring the price down. These books will be sized at 6x9. Issue #1 of 3 is 84 pages and is currently available for $15. Issue #2 of 3 is 80 pages and is currently available for $13. Issue #3 of 3 concludes the story with 64 pages and is currently available for $11. These are the best prices I could achieve with the minimum requirements, but they will be available for less in person at any comic conventions I have a booth at.


2. For those of you who enjoy Black and White comics, THE NOIR EDITON is for you. It is a bit more than simple grayscale, as a few other things have been adjusted to make it the best book it can be. Set on black pages and sized at 7x10, THE NOIR EDITION is the complete graphic novel and is currently available for $18. 


3. Finally, I wanted to have at least one collected version available on Amazon. Even at the smallest trim size (5x8) the book would have to cost well over $30 to meet their minimum price requirements. So instead, I thought I would over the book at the largest trim (8.5x11) at the lowest price I could get. THE FIERCE ARE FADING, LARGE FORMAT EDITION looks beautiful and is currently available for $45. Again, in person at a comic convention, this book will be significantly less. Check out an unboxing video for it below:


So there's the news for you. Keep checking back here for updates.


 I appreciate your patience over the last week. Just wanted to let you know that I found a stateside printer to fulfill our orders. Gorham Printing has received the files and they are already working on it. They are going to send me a quick proof next week, but then they guarantee to deliver it by the first week ofJuly! I will keep you all appraised of the progress. Once I have the books, I will be personally sending them out. Not going to lie, now that I'm shipping the books, I'm a little nervous of the costs of sending over to you all in Europe. I will, however, ship them to you NO MATTER WHAT. Enjoy the weekend!



First some news, then your reward!

Well, I would be lying if I said it wasn't a rough weekend. Learning that unfortunate news, however, only forced me to get back to work! I certainly learned some things this weekend. One of those things, for example, is that Amazon CreateSpace is basically the cheapest Print-On-Demand option for independent authors. Comic books with full color pages, however, are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE through this process. I would have to list my 216 page graphic novel at well over $30 (before shipping) to sell it as a whole unit. Instead, it looks like I'm likely going to release it on Amazon in 3 parts of 70-80 pages each. What does this mean for Kickstarter Backers who pledged more than $28 (any tier with a printed copy of the book as a reward)? It means I will be sending you the COMPLETE collected version of the Graphic Novel, which may very well turn out to be RARE, since it likely won't end up on Amazon. So that makes it a little worth the extra wait. :)

BUT WHILE WE WAIT, I'm going to give you something now! Anyone who pledged at least $10 (the original quoted price of the Digital Version of the Graphic Novel), will received an email TODAY with a link to download the Digital Release! You will have 2 options: a PDF version or a CBZ version. For those of you who have never bought a digital comic, they can be read using any of the free COMIC READER apps that you can download on your phone, tablet, or computer. This lets you flip through the pages as if you were reading a printed copy. For those that go this route, the CBZ file is for you. If you would rather NOT download a Comic Reader app, however, the PDF version is for you. Now these files are for a 216 page graphic novel (WITH COLOR), so they are going to be fair in size. But this way, everyone who pledged at least $10 will be able to read the comic while we wait for the printed version!

I did not send out a survey to Backers asking for emails, because I can only send out one survey and will need to send one out in the coming weeks for shipping addresses. Instead I clicked on each of your Kickstarter profiles and used the e-mail listed. If you didn't receive an email, message me on Kickstarter and I will look into it. :) Happy June and Happy Reading!

-Joshua Howell


Hi folks! The books are at the printers, but while we wait with tremendous anticipation, you can kill some time by checking out the newest review from

"In this independent sci fi thriller, FBI Agent Riley Harper has been assigned to assist the Seattle Police Department with the ongoing hunt for a believed serial killer. After multiple disappearances, the joint task force has tracked Harold Jensen, a substitute teacher in the area, to a remote location where he’s holed up with his latest victims. Injecting both with an unknown substance, one dies (pretty horribly), but the second survives. Before the significance of this can be explained, Jensen is interrupted by Harper and Seattle PD Officer Pete Drake. In the chaos that follows, Jensen is shot multiple times and believed dead. But this is a science fiction story, so that’s not gonna stick. Before the body can be secured, Jensen gets up and triggers an unknown device. Moving to intervene, Drake tackles Jensen just as the device is triggered, resulting in an impressive green burst of energy that leaves no trace of the policeman, and nothing but the lower half of Jensen’s (now most definitely dead) body.

Now Agent Riley Harper is left with a mystery, and is put on “administrative leave” so she can pull herself back together after the tough assignment. And then the phone call comes…

Pete has found himself mysteriously in Nebraska, in a very top secret looking, heavily guarded installation. As he attempts to make his escape, he runs across a logo that identifies the installation as belonging to something called the “M.O.R.S. Initiative”. If it’s got an acronym like that, it’s gotta be sinister, right? So long story short (This graphic novel is resting at around a hefty 200 page count), Pete makes his way out of the base, gets to a phone, and calls Riley. He has about enough to time to tell her where he is (Nebraska), and mentions M.O.R.S. before being snapped up by the secret organization again.

Deeper and deeper we go… Riley refuses to leave the investigation alone, contrary to the orders of her superiors, and starts digging into Pete’s whereabouts. As she’s puzzling over how he went from Seattle, Washington to Nebraska, she runs across some news articles that pique her interest. In particular, she finds an old unsolved murder case in which a man claimed that his father was killed by a female assassin who, after the murder, teleported away from the scene in a flash of green light. Hmmm… Road trip!

This graphic novel carries a pretty deep premise, to support the need for the page count, and it moves along pretty fast. You’ve got all of your classic elements for sci fi noir: a shadowy organization conducting strange experiments; an unsolved murder; teleporting assassins; a renegade FBI Agent on a mission. While some of the details do come fast and furious, there’s definitely a story here for anyone looking to invest in a read that’s more involved than the average comic book. And I don’t know what it is about the artwork that catches my eye… I think I kinda like the “rough” look to it, where you can see the sketch lines still in the finished product.

All in all, this is obviously a labor of love, and should find an audience out there. "


THIS IS AMAZING! We just received our first review for THE FIERCE ARE FADING!!!!! It comes from Korey Goodwin, a Co-Host for Double Toasted. Check it out!!!


"The Fierce are Fading" feels like something that is brand new and familiar all at the same time. From the first panel of this book you feel like you already understand what the mood for the universe is going to be. Present day, dark settings, and cryptic characters. And yet, that is only at the surface of this tale. The writing for this feels like every day, organic conversations. From condescending demands coming from a superior officer to the snarky response given by the defiant, subordinate, lead character FBI Agent Riley Harper, every line of dialogue between two characters feels like something you would hear in an average exchange. However, when we meet a member of “The M.O.R.S Initiative”, basically if the “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” and “S.P.E.C.T.R.E” came together and spawned an evil bastard baby, comes into the picture and explains the grand scheme of things. He does his whole, “Here is my villainous intentions speech” forever. And the M.O.R.S.’s plans do not have a brand new end game per say, but I am intrigued on how they plan on carrying it out. And who is there to stop the evil M.O.R.S. from molding the world to suit their needs? Why, a cast of 30-somethings who manage to be intriguing and annoying all at the same time. They all have their dark sympathetic sides that make you want to learn more about them. But, then they do something that comes so far out of left field and puts them in mortal danger. It is bewildering how they are still alive. However, this does not detract from the fact that you want to know more about them and how they have gotten to the point where they currently are.

Now let’s talk about the art. Dear God is it beautiful! The lighting and shading alone is enough to catch your eyes. But there is more to the deliberate choices that the artist makes here. From the detail in characters’ faces when they feel betrayed or the brutal action that takes place, there is something makes each panel stand out just as much if not more than the last. The use of mainly primary colors and earth tones gives strength to the level of realism that the artist and writer seem to be going for. However, the artist seemed to go a little overkill on the onomatopoeia. The sound effect are in majority white, which while used with interesting effect, it detracts from the beautiful, dark art behind them. That is a very minor complaint, but it is really noticeable during dark action scenes. Outside of that minor issue. I can’t wait to see more from this artist.

Overall, this comic has me very excited for the novel that the writer (Joshua Howell) has planned to be released under the same name. With engaging characters and a familiar story that isn’t reinventing the wheel but sure has an interesting take on it, I see “The Fierce Are Fading” ensnaring anyone who decides to open up its pages and dive in.

- Korey Goodwin Co-Host, Double Toasted