Tons of News!!!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted you all to know that we received the proof of the graphic novel over the weekend, and it looks spectacular. Here's a fun inside bit of information. The files that I sent to the printers to fulfill the kickstarter backers were at 600dpi and a total of 11.5 gigs. Since we had to go with Amazon as a distributor, I had to condense those 11.5 gigs into a mere 400mb to meet Amazon's file limits. THAT'S THE LARGEST FILE SIZE THEY WILL EXCEPT TOTAL FOR ANY BOOK! Crazy!!! While we were able to meet this while preserving as much quality as possible, I'm telling you right now, the Kickstarter Edition from Gorham Printing is going to be the sharpest version available. IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. Gorham said it will take about ten days to complete and then they will ship it out. I will update all of you once I begin shipping them out individually. I SENT OUT AN EMAIL SURVEY asking for your addresses. So if you backed a tier that came with a book, be sure to respond to that survey. :)  Until then, check out what we've done since then!

There are a few different options for those who'd like to buy the books on Amazon.

Issues 1-3

1. Because Amazon's mandatory minimum pricing was SO HIGH for color picture books, I decided to offer smaller books to bring the price down. These books will be sized at 6x9. Issue #1 of 3 is 84 pages and is currently available for $15. Issue #2 of 3 is 80 pages and is currently available for $13. Issue #3 of 3 concludes the story with 64 pages and is currently available for $11. These are the best prices I could achieve with the minimum requirements, but they will be available for less in person at any comic conventions I have a booth at.


2. For those of you who enjoy Black and White comics, THE NOIR EDITON is for you. It is a bit more than simple grayscale, as a few other things have been adjusted to make it the best book it can be. Set on black pages and sized at 7x10, THE NOIR EDITION is the complete graphic novel and is currently available for $18. 


3. Finally, I wanted to have at least one collected version available on Amazon. Even at the smallest trim size (5x8) the book would have to cost well over $30 to meet their minimum price requirements. So instead, I thought I would over the book at the largest trim (8.5x11) at the lowest price I could get. THE FIERCE ARE FADING, LARGE FORMAT EDITION looks beautiful and is currently available for $45. Again, in person at a comic convention, this book will be significantly less. Check out an unboxing video for it below:


So there's the news for you. Keep checking back here for updates.